This is a compilation of some of my work that I've done between websites and DIY electronic projects. Listed is a screenshot of the project along with a summary of what it is, when the project was done and for some of the websites, a link where you can view the finished product. If you have any questions about my work feel free to contact me with the contact page.


Russell Construction Services

Fall 2015

Website I built for a friend who started his own construction business and needed a website to showcase some of his work as well as give potential clients a place to contact him.

More Details | Visit The Russell Construction Services Website

Brandon Heck.com

Summer 2015

Website I built for a friend who was finishing his PhD and needed a resume-like website to show his research as well as his experiance.

More Details | Visit BrandonHeck.com

Learning with Miss Young

Fall 2014

Website I built for my girlfriend, its a basic page that displays information to communicate with parents of her students.

More Details | Visit The Learning with Miss Young Website

DJ Ripper

Summer 2014

Website I built for my DJ work, I wanted to make it simple but use more front end logic so there would be a large transaction at the beginning but then a real time feel navigating through the page.

More Details | Visit The DJ Ripper Website

Get Down Sound

Summer 2012

Get Down Sound is a DJ company in Chico, CA that offers DJs and sound equipment to people looking to host an event. Its a basic site that serves as information about the company and what they do.

More Details Visit The Get Down Sound Website

WSAUFT Project

Spring 2011

The WSAUFT Project is a local network website that is used to manage users on a personal network. The website contained a full user/group system allowing to designate permissions to certain users to user certain programs and computers on a network.

Revere Law

Fall 2010

The Revere Law site belongs to the law offices of Domenic Finelli. This site is a basic website with static pages that serve the purpose of telling users who they are, what they do and give them a way to contact the law office.

More Details | Visit The Revere Law Website

Locus Technologies

Summer 2010

Locus Technologies does environmental data storage with a cloud like archatechture. I didn't work on the cloud portion of the system but I personally redid the look and feel of their main website.

The Help Button

April 2009

The Help Button is a computer repair business that I run in my spare time. The website itself has a content management system that manages all of its pages as well as a custom client system that allows techs to have an organized view of current projects, users and computer problems.

Visit The Help Button Website

Danville/Alamo Garden Club

Fall 2008

The Danville/Alamo Garden Club website shows club information about current events for the club. The backend of the website includes a custom content management system that manages all its pages and menues. The content editor allows the administrator to edit and manipulate content on the page itself. When the content is done, the administrator can save it or discard it as they please.

Visit The Danville/Alamo Garden Club Website


Robotic Hand

Fall 2011

I build this hand to help demo my senior project for my BS degree. It has six degrees of freedom, each finger can move on its own as well as the wrist can spin and actuate. The arm communicated with a computer through a custom protocol on an Arduino via USB and is able to be interfaced with any program that knows its protocol.

Linux Based Picture Frame

Spring 2011

This was a project that I have always wanted to do just for fun. I took an old laptop and put Xbuntu linux on it and modified it to be behind a picture frame so It would be a digital picture frame. The beauty of this is that not only do I have it set up to show pictures but I can develop other applications that can display other information on the picture such as weather and calendar event.

Animatronic Toy Goofy

Fall 2010

I built this robotic goofy toy while working at Disney World just for fun. The whole point was to have a little goofy sitting on my shoulder that talked to kids while I interacted with guests and their kids. The figure itself was built out of a stuffed animal goofy, a shirt hanger, an arduino board, some servo moters and some broken toys I got from the store. Goofy says "Gawsh" and moves his arms and head.

December 23, 2011
Electronics Project Updated! You can now see the changes I have made to the robot and read a little bit about how it works...
November 15, 2011
Running app is online and ready for use. Check out the days running rout and join us for a great run!