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Summer 2014

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I built this website to support my DJ work, I wanted to extrapilate the DJ page off of my personal website and give that its own home with a bit more space. I wanted to make it simple but use more front end logic so there would be a large transaction at the beginning but then a real time feel navigating through the page.

I accomplished this by using a templating system called hanldebars and pre-compiled the templates to javascript so I wouldn't have to keep making requests to the server.

I added a music player at the top of the page to play my music for people visiting the website. The front page has a small slideshow of pictures to give visitors an idea of the work that I do. There are social media banners that lead the user to their respective pages as well as a straigt forward navigation. The sub pages house an image gallery with more action shots, an about me page, a music page with more links and players to sound cloud, and a contact page.

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December 23, 2011
Electronics Project Updated! You can now see the changes I have made to the robot and read a little bit about how it works...
November 15, 2011
Running app is online and ready for use. Check out the days running rout and join us for a great run!